The Company of the Zakrzewski Brothers has been operating for seventeen years.
In 1994 the Brothers as young entrepreneurs registered their business activity in Rytele Wszołki near Kosów Lacki in an attempt to satisfy the market requirements.  

The object of the activity covered slaughter of slaughter animals and meat trade. Thanks to the competitive prices comparing to bigger companies, whose costs of production of 1 kg of a certain product were higher and thanks to the good quality of the goods more and more clients have been acquired.

The products were offered to clients in the local market through other regions of Poland: Masovia, Great Poland, Little Poland ending with Silesia. The market was expanding all the time, coming up with new requirements; thus, in order to provide appropriate quantity of the products of the expected quality and in order to ensure health safety of the offered products the Brothers decided to build a modern establishment, complying with the EU requirements. The construction of the establishment started in the middle of 2002 in Kosów Lacki, province of Masovia. In March 2003 the modern establishment with highly qualified staff and complying with the EU norms was put into operation. In September 2003 the company modified its name replacing: ‘Slaughter and Meat Sales’ with Meat Processing Plan Zakład Mięsny 'ZAKRZEWSCY'.

Being aware of the threats that are likely to occur during food production, from the very first days of our activity we attach great importance to the quality of our products. We endorse the GMP rules (Good Manufacturing Practice). We provide our staff with relevant trainings, owing to which the knowledge and skills of our employees reach the level required by the owners.  
Trying to meet the requirements of the European markets we have implemented the quality system based on the analysis and critical control points – HACCP.

We specialise in

Purchases of hog livestock
Purchases of hog livestock